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The Weavers family of Bhujodi, Kutch  



Kutch weaving stands our for its skill of creating fine, intricate motifs from coarse yarns like wool. The weaving style enables fabrics to stay cool in summer and give warmth in winter. Kutch weaving has been a unique confluence of the weaving styles of Sindh, Rajansthan and Gujarat.


"The Vankars migrated to kutch from Marwad , in Rajesthan , several centuries ago. Interactions witi tha local Rabari communitiy led to a mutually beneficial relationship. The Rabaris breed sheep,whose wool,shorn once a year,is sold to the Vankras,who in turn weaver it into Dhabla (Rough, thick and broad shawl made with raw wool) and "loodi" (woolen tied and dyed head vail)that frmed major portion of the Rabari clothing and woven head veil were given to khatri (traditional dyers) for dying. You always find the Vankars wherever there is a big Rabari conglomeration,for the Rabaris need them to weave their clothing."

As years to passed National and International markets brought home new designs and experiments with new material also began. There are many other products added to their list like mufflers,stoles, Veils, cotton yardage, carpets, sari's home furnishing items etc. in silk and cotton mix weaving,wool and silk weaving with the use of traditional and contemporary disigns.